Ridleys Headshots (Akron, OH)

These are my friends Jackie and Chas! They both work in professional fields and were in need of some up-to-date headshots. I actually get asked to do headshots a lot now. It’s surprising how much you actually need them now because everything requires an online profile and therefore a picture. It’s no longer the days of needing one head shot for the next 10 years to put on your business card…people want fun current headshots! People need photos that seamlessly go on their LinkedIn, Gmail, and dating profile. Thats why it’s good to have some that are serious, but show you have some life in you aren’t too stiff like the traditional business headshot. That’s why I go for natural light, movement, and various outfits to bring those different things out. I’m hoping I grasped that in these two. And just for fun we took a few of them together 😉