The Young Family (New York, NY)

We’ve finally reached my last fall blog post before all the leaves fell and winter came through. Some people think in a city like New York, you may run out of differing locations for photo shoots because it’s such a concrete jungle and backdrops may all look the same. But what they don’t realize is that Central Park is made up of 843 acres (and thats just one park in New York!). I could do a shoot everyday for a year and still find totally different spots in Central Park alone, and I love that. This photo shoot of the Young family was near the 72nd street entrance which is home to some of the most vibrant trees in the park. On Mark, Bree, Roman, and Roxi’s trip to Manhattan for the weekend, we stopped into the park to grab a few snap shots of them in this urban park beauty. Looking perfectly adorable as usual, check out these four!